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Construction Accidents

Construction is one of the most important yet most dangerous industries in the United States. Although employers are doing more to reduce fatal injuries on construction sites, the construction industry still leads the private sector in workplace fatalities. Common causes of these types of injuries include transportation accidents, slips and falls, and being struck by objects, such as vehicles and equipment.

Construction accidents can cause severe injuries that require hospitalization, medical therapies, and rehabilitation, which can mean weeks or sometimes months out of work. Permanent disabilities or death also cause an increase in expenses for the victim’s family, in addition to a loss in wages.

Injured in a Maryland Construction Accident?

Any worker who is injured on the job should file a Maryland workers’ compensation claim before pursuing litigation. Workers compensation is a very complex area of law that is hard to navigate without an experienced injury attorney. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a construction accident, contact us today to see if you have a legitimate case against a responsible third party.

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