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Cancer Misdiagnosis

Early detection is the key to fighting cancer successfully. Since cancer symptoms often present as other conditions, proper diagnostic testing is essential to catching cancer in the early stages. Sometimes doctors fail to order these important tests or the test results are misread, resulting in the delay of diagnosis or a misdiagnosis of the condition. These types of mistakes can have disastrous consequences. This doesn't represent a standard of good medical care and could be considered medical malpractice.

Late Cancer Diagnosis or Misdiagnosis Claims in Maryland

Filing a lawsuit for a cancer misdiagnosis or late diagnosis in Maryland can be complicated. The State of Maryland requires patients to actively seek out their own medical care, meaning that if you ignore your symptoms or don’t seek medical care in a reasonable amount of time, then you may be deemed responsible. Similarly, Maryland requires expert testimony in medical malpractice lawsuits to prove that the actions or in-actions of the health care provider caused harm to the patient or did not meet the standard of care.

For these reasons, it’s extremely important that you contact an experienced Maryland medical malpractice lawyer if you believe that you are the victim of cancer misdiagnosis, late diagnosis, or medical negligence. Contact the Law Offices of Edward J. Ehlers today to see if you might have a case.

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