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Farm Vehicle Accidents

During harvest season, it’s not uncommon to encounter farm equipment on the roadways outside of the Baltimore suburbs. Farmers in Maryland who use public roadways to transport farm equipment are required to obey the same driving rules as car, SUV and truck drivers. But when a farm vehicle goes too fast or the driver of a car attempts to recklessly pass a slow farm vehicle, this can cause a serious accident.

Accidents involving farm vehicles can cause severe injuries and fatalities, and these accidents are complex from a legal standpoint. That’s why it’s essential that those in auto accidents involving farm equipment contact a Maryland automobile accident lawyer who has previously worked with drivers injured in these types of accidents.

Legal Consultation for Those Injured in Maryland Farm Vehicle Accidents

After you have gotten medical attention, make sure that you file a formal police report to start an investigation. This is essential to properly documenting an accident between a car and a farm vehicle in Maryland. For your own records, document and take pictures of the specifics of the crash site. After this is done, contact us to review your claim. We will investigate the case and determine if you have a claim.

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