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Motorcycle Accidents

Although drivers do their best to share the roads safely with motorcyclists, auto accident fatalities are still 26 times more common for motorcyclists than for those who drive cars, according to the Insurance Information Institute. In 2013, 4,668 people died and 88,000 people were injured in motorcycle crashes in the United States.

Motorcycle accidents can occur when another driver misjudges an approaching motorcyclist’s speed or distance or does not see the motorcyclist. Road and weather conditions can also be hazardous for those on motorcycles. These accidents are often catastrophic because motorcyclists are more vulnerable to injury or death.

Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Attorneys in Maryland

The Law Offices of Edward J. Ehlers represent those who have been injured in motorcycle accidents due to the fault of another. If you have experienced injuries as the result of a motorcycle crash or have a loved one who died in a motorcycle accident, contact us today for a consultation to see if you have a legitimate claim.



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